I'm very sorry that I haven't updated in so long. RL has kept running quite a bit, and I simply haven't found the time.

However, the time wasn't completely wasted, since I came up with ideas regarding cover design and arrangement of the contents.

My cover idea is basically a bulletin board with a lot of stuff 'pinned' to it: slashy pictures (p. 242 etc), Ärztestuff (stickers, dogtags...), and something like a bookmark hanging from it saying 'Rock Rendezvous war nicht die ganze Wahrheit'. And, maybe, on the bottom border, something like 'The/A Ärzteslash collection'. It would be easier to imagine if I could show you, but my scanner doesn't work and I don't have photoshop.
Another option would be something like the people who made the LotR Fanzine did: Make it look like a school binder. That would kind of go hand in hand with the 'Wie es geht' Single.

My arragement idea is to take zonenzombie's 'Herrliche Jahre' as a framing concept, and put the stories set in the time the 'Herrliche Jahre' chapter covers behind it.

I'm gonna figure out something about how we determine what goes into the collection and what doesn't, or if we're gonna have a challenge to contribute in the collection, what it could be like.

What do you think?
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A name for the Ärzteslash collection

Until now, there have been the following suggestions:

Deine Schuld
Rock Rendezvous war nicht die ganze Wahrheit...

Stick it out
Manchmal haben Männer...

Wegen euch

Does anybody have other ideas? Please leave them, or your opinion on the first ones, in a comment :)
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